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Below are posts for various install instructions for the products sold on JK3D. I will be adding more over time. If you don’t see instructions here they are probably on the product pages.

Product Install / Removal / Care instructions:

Frequently Asked Questions and Important notices:

PayPal Check Out Pop-Ups:

If you have issues where clicking the “PayPal” payment buttons results in nothing happening, this may be because your browser is blocking the PayPal pop up. Try another browser, or ensure that you approved/whitelisted pop ups from PayPal or This has been known to happen on some iOS devices.

Shipping Costs:

Shipping costs are not ideal for anyone, either the business needs to increase margin on all the products to cover the shipping costs, or they get passed on directly to the customer based on their location. has chosen to keep our product prices low, and pass actual shipping costs to the customer directly. There is no margin added to any shipping cost charged to the customers beyond minimal packaging costs.

In full transparency: If increased the margin on products to cover shipping costs and offer free/flat rate shipping, it would result in almost doubling the price of the products. The majority of the orders are international and shipping costs average ~ $15USD per package to reach locations in Europe and Asia. Local US shipments are between $4-8USD. I feel its more fair to customers for them to pay their actual shipping rates and keep the products reasonably priced, rather than making local US customers pay more to help subsidize international shipments.

Just because a product is reasonably priced but shipping is expensive based on your location does not make it any worse of a deal.

Shipping Tracking Info:

Tracking info is included with every “Completed” email you receive from Once the transaction is finished processing the email you receive has a copy of the invoice as a PDF, and also has the tracking info and tracking link included in the email body itself.

For international orders tracking may stop after the package leaves the US, you may need to use the tracking ID number at that point to track from your geo specific mail post service.

If you created a user account on the site, you can also login to see the tracking info there as well.

Customer Responsibilities for shipping:

Once an order is processed and shipped by the order is the hands of the postal service/shipping service the customer chose at checkout. has limited or no options to modify or support the shipping process. Especially in terms of international shipping.

It is understood that the customer is shipping to address/locations they can receive the products, and can handle local ordinances, or responsibilities for customs or their postal service requirements. Further details on this is covered in the Terms and Conditions for