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Pin: As of 2/24/2022 All shipping and Sales to Russia are suspended.
FYI: JK3D.us does NOT sell on Etsy or Ebay

Don’t be fooled by cheap knock-off imitations, scams, or other copies of JK3D.us products. The same people who rip off other people’s designs also are likely to rip you off (as is clearly the case with one of the Etsy stores that just takes people’s money and doesn’t ship their questionable products). JK3D.us products are ONLY sold through JK3D.us. Stick with the real deal!

CHIGEE AIO-5 and Lens Protector V3 products are live!

After months of development work, testing, redesigns, more testing, etc… a handful of products are posted!

The CHIGEE AIO-5 Lite 1″ RAM Ball Mount

CHIGEE AIO-5 Camera GoPro mount

JK3D.us Motorsport Lens protector V3 that supports the INNOVV K6, and Chigee AIO-5 cameras as well as all other INNOVV K5, K3, K2 and C5 cameras.

Up next – Confirmation of INNOVV K7 and N1 camera fitment for the V3 lens protectors. And a few other special bits for the CHIGEE AIO-5 and XR-3

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Looking for free custom designs I’ve posted for everyone to use? Check out my Thingiverse page! Any of these can be printed as well via the custom services link at the top.