Fix for the random Tracer 9GT fairing gap

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Hey everyone, Some customers have had an issue with some of the Tracer 9GTs with a fairing gap between the plastic and the tank when using the 8mm Seat Slope kit. A customer mentioned a great fix and I wanted to pass it along! (I added it to the instructions). Since this isn’t common on every bike Its been hard to track down a fix. (click on the post text above to see the full pic)

New Stuff Incoming!

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I am working on a number of enhancements, updates, and new products.

Some of them I can’t say quite yet, but one big one is the Lens protector for the INNOVV K6 camera. I have some prototypes designed and new sapphire crystal ordered for them. Since the housing is so much bigger than the K5 or K2/3 cameras, it requires a new crystal and bigger overall design. In time I may just standardize on the bigger/new design for all the cameras (with different TPU inserts).

I also have a different brand action cam setup coming in this week I will be starting to design protectors and mounts for.

Watch this space for more updates!