Custom 3D Design and Printing services are available to help you design that custom part you are thinking of and print the end product. I have years of experience doing custom functional design work for end-use parts for not only 3D printer design and advancement, but also automotive, houseware, industrial, and COVID-19 centric medical.

I am focused on individual service, and small run prototyping/production. It’s not hard to find someone with a garage full of inexpensive printers hammering out trinkets by the dozen, that isn’t the market I am focused on. The years spent refining skills, designing and upgrading my custom printers, all is focused on superior products without the limitations cheap bargain printers bring with.

Consultation and Design Services available:

  • Functional design consultations and reviews
  • End use 3D design and part creation
  • Custom prototyping and printing of draft parts
  • End use production runs of objects
  • Custom Engraving or Laser cutting of dozens of materials.

Custom printing sizes and materials available:

When you have an object you need printed, but no where to print it on, or need it in a material you cant print easily, I have you covered. Physical sizes and resolutions I can print at with my custom designed high performance FDM printers:

  • FDM Printing Capabilities:
    • 300x300x300mm single object printing dimension
    • Multi Material composition (up to 2 materials in any given print)
    • Duplication and Mirror printing (2 parts being printed at the same time, limits the build volume to ~140x300x300 per print head, but doubles output speeds)
    • Z resolution: .01mm (10 micron) layer height increments
    • X and Y Axis resolution: .005mm (5 micron)
    • Heated Chamber for temperature sensitive filaments
    • Nozzle diameters .25 – .6mm+ (may be limited based on strength and filament requirements)
  • Short list of FDM materials commonly printed
    • PLA (+)
    • PETG
    • Nylon (PA6 / PA12)
    • Carbon Fiber Nylon (Multiple MFG options)
    • Glass Filled Nylon (in Blue or White)
    • Polycarbonate
    • TPU / TPe Rubberized filaments
    • PVA Support Material
    • and more.
  • MSLA Resin 3D printing capabilities
    • 120x80x160mm max dimensions
    • .01mm Z Axis resolution and sub .05mm X/Y resolution
    • Various materials from Tough and High temp resins available
    • Full UV Curing
  • Onsite 40W CO2 laser cutter/engraver with a 300×280 surface for cutting acrylics and other materials.(Engraving of 3D printed parts is available as well)
  • Able to custom Engrave/Cut the following materials
    • Engrave and Cut Hardwoods and may other woods
    • Engrave and Cut Acrylics, and Acrylic mirrors
    • Engrave Glass and some ceramics
    • Engrave and Cut Rubber Stamps
    • Permanent Laser marking on metals

*Note – I do not print with ABS FDM Filament, but ABS-Like Resin is available.

Outsourcing for higher end printing available (HP MultiJet Fusion, SLS, etc… )

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