Yamaha Tracer 9GT and GT+ (’21+) Seat Slope Mod Install Instructions

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This is the instructions for installing and troubleshooting the Yamaha Tracer 9GT / GT+ Seat Slope Mod. Credits to the JK3D.us customers who assisted with the prototyping and documentation of this product! I could not have put this together without that assistance!

If you are not familiar with DIY work on your motorcycle or have any questions, be sure to have a qualified mechanic do this install. The install is straight forward, but if you are not familiar with doing this kind of work have a professional handle this. JK3D.us is only responsible for supplying the parts and giving the guidance below, any installation issues outside the scope of this is the responsibility of the end user/installer.

Note: The Tracer 9 GT+ models have a slightly different forward seat mount, no changes are needed from these instructions for install, but appearances may be a little different. I also recommended to install the Pro seat slope mod at 6mm height initially on the GT+ due to the improved forward mount.

Tracer 9GT/GT+ Instructions :

The Tracer 9GT Seat Slope Mod is designed differently than the previous generation due to the way the bracket mounts to the ’21+ generation. You need to remove the fuel tank bracket to do any height changes so I designed the shim to be simple and straight forward.

The JK3D.us ’21+ Yamaha Tracer 9GT / MT-09 Seat Slope Mod kit.

Step 1:

Assemble the JK3D.us Seat Slope mod parts:

  • Ensure the 4x 35x6mm bolts have washers
  • Insert the top pad onto the frame shims if they are not installed.
  • For the Pro adjustable shims, refer to the bottom part of this document for info.

Remove the Fairing parts around the fuel tank and front of the seat (Tracer 9GT)

You will need to remove the seats and proceed to remove the fairing pieces around the forward seat mount / fuel tank bracket. I’ve included an image from the service manual to make that easier. (click the picture to see the full view.)

The fairing pieces removed should expose the bracket and look like this. (MT-09 should not require much fairing removal for this install)

’21 Tracer9 GT with the fuel tank bracket exposed ( note the shims are installed in this pic)

Step 2: Remove the Fuel Tank Bracket

With the bracket exposed, you need to remove the bracket entirely to gain access to the mounting positions, the frame bosses. (Click the below images for full size)

Keep all hardware! You will reuse the 2x fuel tank bolts to reinstall.

Step 3: Install the JK3D.us ’21+ T9/MT-09 seat spacer parts

Installing the seat slope mod requires the install of the TPU offset rubber spacers, and the frame mount spacers.

Insert the TPU Rubber Bushing

(Images are from the previous generation, do not remove the upper bracket from the fuel tank frame bracket!)

  1. Remove the OE Metal bushings, and Rubber bushings from the mount. (Use a pliers if needed to help push the rubber bushings out, the metal inserts should slide out easily) Keep the rubber bushings if you need to return to stock, you will re-use the metal inserts in the next steps.
  2. Insert the TPU Offset bushings so the hole is aligned toward the bottom center. This should be easily done just pushing it through the hole. (If the rubber bushing has a flange on one side, ensure it it toward the tank)
  3. Push in the metal insert/bushing so the wide portion is facing away from the tank.

Install the fuel tank bracket shims

  1. If you have the Pro Adjustable spacers assemble the spacers either either with or without the 2mm additional shim. (Refer to the Pro Shim info lower on the page if needed) For the standard shim, go to Step 2.
  2. Set the shims on the exposed frame bosses on each side. The shim should fit on both sides and rest on the frame.
  3. Set the fuel tank bracket on top of the shims and finger tighten in the 4x 35x6mm bolts + washers included in the kit. NOTE: Apply a dab of blue thread lock on the end of the bolts when you install them
  4. With one hand carefully raise the tank (grabbing it via some of the metal work) to align the 2 screw holes with metal inserts, and finger tighten the 2x fuel tank bolts you removed in step 2. (Note: if the tank is full of fuel, it is very heavy at the rear to lift, and will take some effort, this is easier if the tank is mostly empty)
  5. Tighten the 2x fuel tank bolts to 7Nm per the factory manual.
  6. Ensure the fuel tank bracket is not making metal to metal contact with the fuel tank, if it is gently nudge the frame bracket toward the rear of the bike to ensure the rubber TPU bushing shoulder is between the bracket and the tank.
  7. Tighten the 4x fuel tank bracket bolts to ~12Nm (slightly higher than factory torque – 10Nm – to ensure the plastic spacers are seated fully. )

Step 4: Reinstall the fairing parts.

I’ve included the factory service manual for the reinstall of the fairing parts. The fairing parts should install normally, but the forward seat pad/filler has some notes below. (click the image below to expand it)

Gap between the Black seat/tank fairing and the tank: (Update Notice)

Ensure the “a” (from the manual above) quick fasteners are fully seated in the instructions above to help keep that plastic part firmly against the tank. (Also check if any adjustment on the “b” quick fasteners helps)

In some instances (This seems to be a random phenomenon where some bikes have an issue and others do not), a gap may form between the tank and the black plastic seat fairing piece (the fuel tank bracket cover). This is not consistent, and it seems each bike may have a slightly different tolerance or gap. If a gap forms when the riser blocks are installed, try adjusting the bracket cover bolts/install positions to let cover rotate back onto the tank.

Shimming up of the rear of the plastic fairing slightly at the back of the seat will rotate the plastic back to the tank.

Another option is to use zip ties or other push rivets to secure the pad to the tank. Below you can see the issue with the holes in the tank shifting up from the holes in the plastic. An easy fix would be to expand the holes in the plastic part upward. It would not be reversable but would not be an issue if the tank was back in the stock position either.

As I get more solutions, I will add them here.

Customer solution/Image.

As I get more info on fixes I will add them here.

Tracer 9GT forward seat gap filler pad install:

If the seat is in the upper/high position, no changes are necessary for the install, but if the seat is in the low position, reinstall of the seat pad that goes in the front of the seat needs to be installed by sliding in the bottom hook tab in from the side. A customer who helped verify the design and install of this kit sent me these images/tips:

(Note: Based on feedback, if the seat gap filler is tough to install, try applying some dish soap to the plastic lip that slides in from the end, to let it get past the bracket easier. Avoid using some greases as they may break down the plastic)

Final Seat Install with the 8mm shim in place on a ’21 Tracer 9GT ( with the seat in the low position)

Pro Adjustable Shim Considerations:

The JK3D.us Pro Adjustable shim has a 2mm optional spacer to change the height of the spacer. If you find 6mm not enough you can add 2mm to the frame shims. You CANNOT use the 2mm shim on its own. Eventually other sizes may be made available, if you have a request for a specific thickness please email me at support@jk3d.us.

  • To remove the 2mm shim
    • Remove the top pad pushing it out from the frame side of the base shim, this may remove the 2mm shim as well
    • Push the 2mm shim out from the base shim pushing it out from the frame side of the base.
    • Reinstall the top pad on the base shim.
  • To Install the 2mm shim
    • Remove the top pad from the 6mm shim, pushing it out from the frame side of the base.
    • Insert the 2mm shim by hand into the openings on the main shim base, if it is difficulty, place the 2mm +6mm shim with the flat side down on a table and press, this should force the tabs to interlock.
    • Insert the top pad into the 2mm shim using the table process as above if needed to force it in snugly.

There should be no gaps between the plastic parts.

If you need to change the height of the spacer, you will need to run through the process above. You may be able to remove the frame shims without removing the bracket from the tank by gently picking up the fuel tank brace to give clearance to slide the shim off the frame bosses.

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    Good product I used it on my 2021 Yamaha Tracer 9GT with a Corbin Seat

  2. fourcornersbmwAndrew Fletcher

    Great product thank you, ordered whilts I was in the US over xmas and now fitting. Perfect fit from the spacers, only issue I have is me trying to re install the A fixings back to the bike.

  3. Stuart McKay

    Just fitted the 8mm kit. Definitely more comfortable. Very happy with the result.

      • Jeff Moorbeck

        Took me a few hours, but I got it. Not difficult from a basic unbolt and then bolt back together perspective. Just getting the fitment correct is putzy. Too late for a test ride now, but sitting on it seems much better.

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    Great product what a difference definitely recommended perfect fit easy to install right way you can see the difference and feel the difference Five⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for me

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