Sapphire lenses inbound

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(Update 3/21/2022 – Still pending, delayed shipments. I have 40+ lenses coming in over the next couple weeks but shipping has been delayed more than expected)

The JK3D Innovv lens protectors with Sapphire lenses are very low stock right now (or possibly out of stock by the time this gets posted). A good number of sapphire lenses are on their way but were delayed, some should be here in a couple days. I am also working on catching up on stock for a few other items (Seat Slope Mods for the Tracer 9GT mainly). If something is out of stock be sure to register to be notified when it is back in on the product page.


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A couple items are out of stock right now, and hopefully will be back in stock this weekend. There have been some delays in production this week due to a water pipe breaking in the building the printing is done in. Fortunately there was no damage to the gear but still has caused some delays. Items are being shipped (with a potential 1 day delay right now), and stock is accurate on the site.