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Most anyone who rides on a Yamaha Tracer 9 GT (2021+)  knows the seat slopes toward the tank quite aggressively.   After the success of the ’15-’20 Yamaha Tracer and MT-09 seat slope mods that JK3D.us has sold, I worked with a number of enthusiasts to design a mod for the new generation of Tracer bikes. ’21+ MT-09 compatibility is in progress, but not ready.

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After the success of the seat slope mod for the ’15 -’20 FZ/FJ/MT/Tracers I worked with some members of the community to design a solution for the 2021+ Tracer 9 GT Seats. They suffer from the same issues, but with the updated chassis and seats the mounting options have changed.   This install uses the shimming of the entire frame brace that the seat mounting is on, and does not require velcro or seat shim pads.

This kit comes in 2 varieties –

  • Standard 8mm shim – After ride testing by multiple riders, 8mm was the sweet spot for leveling out the seat but not raising it excessively at the front.   This has been tested to be great for long rides.
  • Pro Adjustable 6+2 mm Shim  – Some riders prefer some forward lean on the seat for most spirted riding, and then a more flat seat for longer rides.  This kit will allow fairly easy adjustments based on riding preference.  Other shim heights may be released in the future.

(Note: MT-09 compatibility is in progress, feedback from preview/testers showed there was a fitment issue that needs to be addressed, this product currently only fits the +2021 Tracer 9GT) 

Click on the images below for larger views. 

The setup uses removable pads that go under the front feet of the seat, and a spacer/offset bushings to raise the mount without moving the tank mounting position excessively.

Compatible with:

  • Front OEM stock and Yamaha Comfort seat for the 2021+ Yamaha Tracer 9 GT.   (No info on any aftermarket seat compatibility at this time)
    • Works with the seat in the factory low or high positions.
  • MT-09 Compatibility is in progress, but this shim will not fit the frame currently on a ’21+ MT-09


Frame Shims- Industrial Grade Carbon Fiber PA12 Nylon – High temperature, high strength, high durability and chemically resistant material.
Rubber Bushings-  Soft TPU rubber. This is to ensure the vibration isolation of the tank mounts is maintained.

Included with the kit: 

  • 2x offset grommets for the rear mount of the fuel tank to the mounting plate, this allows the bracket to be moved upward without changing the tank rear height more than 3 or 4mm, a height change that is almost not visible and looks natural.  Printed in TPU rubber to retain the vibration isolation of the stock setup.  The stock spacer/washers slide into the TPU like the original bushings.
  • Seat Frame Brace Shims
    • Pro Adjustable Kit: 2x 6mm Pads, and 2x 2mm shims for adjustability
    • Standard Kit: 2x 8mm Pads
  • 4x 6mm Zinc Plated Alloy Steel bolts (Class 12.9)
  • 4x 6mm Washers

Tools required to install:

  • 5mm Hex Wrench
  • 10mm socket/wrench
  • Blue Thread lock compound
  • Torque Wrench (12Nm for the main bolts, 7Nm for the fuel tank bolts)

Click below for instructions on installing this kit:

Instructions for installing and setting up the Yamaha ’21+ Tracer 9GT Seat Slope mod kit.

One of our customers made a video on youtube of the install: YouTube: Tracer 9GT Seat Slope Mod Install https://youtu.be/pzTtIupYESU



JK3D will warranty the Yamaha FJ/FZ/MT/Tracer Seat Slope Mod from breaking or material failure for a period if 6 months from date of order.  (NOTE – Preview Orders cannot be returned, but do carry the same warranty).  To submit a warranty claim please email support@jk3d.us and include your order number, picture of the damage/issue, and description of the problem and JK3D will get you taken care of!  If you have any issues or challenges with this product please email me and we will find a solution!


Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 9 × .5 in

Standard 8mm Kit ('21+ Tracer 9GT), Pro Adjustable Kit ('21+ Tracer 9GT)

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  1. SL (verified owner)

    Added this to my ’21 Tracer 9 GT and it works very good. Install was maybe 30 minutes with help from good ol youtube. Parts all fit easily. Good product, and for sure recommend.

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