Yamaha 2021+ Tracer 9 GT / GT+ Seat Slope Mod

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The JK3D.us Yamaha Tracer 9GT/GT+ Seat Slope mod levels out the seating position for enhanced rider comfort for longer distances and less strain on your back and wrists.

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After the success of the seat slope mod for the ’15 -’20 FZ/FJ/MT/Tracers I worked with some members of the community to design a solution for the 2021+ Tracer 9 GT Seats. The Tracer 9 series suffers from the same issues with an aggressive forward slope of the seat that the previous generations have.  Thousands of the JK3D.us seat slope kits are in use around the world as of 1/2024, with not a single product returned!

The Tracer 9 GT and GT+ since 2021 have an updated chassis and seats so this product is specific to the 2021+ models. (Note: that 2023+ Tracer 9 GT+ models have a slightly different forward mount, and the Pro Adjustable mount set at 6mm is recommended for that model of motorcycle)

This kit comes in 2 varieties –

  • Standard 8mm shim – After ride testing by multiple riders, 8mm was the sweet spot for leveling out the seat but not raising it excessively at the front.   This has been tested to be great for long rides. (Note: on some bikes the 8mm height may cause the front seat plastic cowling to rise slightly from the tank, refer to the instructions for insights on remediating this.)
  • Pro Adjustable 6+2 mm Shim (Recommended for Tracer 9GT+ Models)– Some riders prefer some forward lean on the seat for most spirted riding, and then a flatter seat for longer rides.  This kit will allow fairly easy adjustments based on riding preference.  Other shim heights may be released in the future. Tracer 9GT+ models have a slightly different mount with less of a forward slope but can benefit from the 6mm shim.

Click on the images below for larger views. 

The setup uses removable pads that go under the front feet of the seat, and a spacer/offset bushings to raise the mount without moving the tank mounting position excessively.

Compatible with:

  • Front OEM stock and Yamaha Comfort seat for the 2021+ Yamaha Tracer 9 GT and GT+.   (Should work with most aftermarket seats that use the Yamaha Seat Pan) Works with the seat in the factory low or high positions.
  • Not Compatible with the MT-09


Frame Shims- Industrial Grade Carbon Fiber PA12 Nylon – High temperature, high strength, high durability and chemically resistant material.
Rubber Bushings-  Soft high temperature TPU rubber. This is to ensure the vibration isolation of the tank mounts is maintained.

Included with the kit: 

  • 2x offset grommets for the rear mount of the fuel tank to the mounting plate, this allows the bracket to be moved upward without changing the tank rear height more than 3 or 4mm, a height change that is almost not visible and looks natural.  Printed in TPU rubber to retain the vibration isolation of the stock setup.  The stock spacer/washers slide into the TPU like the original bushings.
  • Seat Frame Brace Shims
    • Pro Adjustable Kit: 2x 6mm Pads, and 2x 2mm shims for adjustability
    • Standard Kit: 2x 8mm Pads
  • 4x 6mm Zinc Plated Alloy Steel bolts (Class 12.9)
  • 4x 6mm Washers

Tools required to install:

  • 5mm Hex Wrench
  • 10mm socket/wrench
  • Blue Thread lock compound
  • Torque Wrench (12Nm for the main bolts, 7Nm for the fuel tank bolts)

Click below for instructions on installing this kit:

Instructions for installing and setting up the Yamaha ’21+ Tracer 9GT Seat Slope mod kit.

One of our customers made a video on youtube of the install: YouTube: Tracer 9GT Seat Slope Mod Install https://youtu.be/pzTtIupYESU



JK3D will warranty the Yamaha FJ/FZ/MT/Tracer Seat Slope Mod from breaking or material failure for a period if 6 months from date of order.  (NOTE – Preview Orders cannot be returned, but do carry the same warranty).  To submit a warranty claim please email support@jk3d.us and include your order number, picture of the damage/issue, and description of the problem and JK3D will get you taken care of!  If you have any issues or challenges with this product please email me and we will find a solution!


Additional information

Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 7 × .5 in

Standard 8mm Kit ('21+ Tracer 9GT), Pro Adjustable Kit ('21+ Tracer 9GT)

12 reviews for Yamaha 2021+ Tracer 9 GT / GT+ Seat Slope Mod

  1. SL (verified owner)

    Added this to my ’21 Tracer 9 GT and it works very good. Install was maybe 30 minutes with help from good ol youtube. Parts all fit easily. Good product, and for sure recommend.

  2. Ned (verified owner)

    I have a 2021 Tracer 9GT and I put 6000 miles on the stock seat and was relatively pleased overall, but found the forward slope annoying. I’m 5′-8″ and 150 lbs.
    I ordered the Pro Kit. I installed the 6mm Base and it was better, then added the additional 2mm Shim and went on a 1000 mile trip. I really like this change and for $35 shipped I’m very pleased and would recommend this product. If the forward slope bothers you, I would just order the Standard 8mm Shim I don’t think I will ever remove the 2mm Shim.

    I did have a little trouble reinstalling the tank bolts but after I loosened all of the mounting bolts it went together fine.

  3. Chris (verified owner)

    not sure how i came across this part googling seat issues after getting my tracer 9.!
    But what a beauty ! At around 6ft and getting a little beyond “mid years” i found the usual sliding onto the fuel tank syndrome even at seat set at high.
    This arrived to me in UK within 8 days (better than some home deliveries !).
    Fitted carefully within an hour (hardest part as always removing / refitting small side fairings within damaging….)
    Immediately found the improved seat position and felt much easier to the grips.
    A simple but effective well engineered add on
    Well done !

  4. KYRIAKOS XOUPLIDIS (verified owner)

    Makes a bery big difference!well spend money and time to fit! highly recommended!!!

  5. Linus

    I just wonder If this seat shim kit is compatible with a tracer 9 GT from 2022? If you know, please tell me. Thanks!

    • Joe Kelly

      Yes this kit works for the 2022 model Tracer 9 GT!

  6. Branko Rudolf (verified owner)

    Also had issues with reinstalling the tank bolts. Also managed to lose a pushpin :-(.
    Otherwise great product works fine with Tracer 9 2023. The only thing that is a bit bothering a plastic part protecting a fueltank stajs a bit loose on the top after installing. But can live vith that.

    • Joe Kelly

      Thanks for the review! As its mentioned in the instructions, some bikes are a bit harder to get the forward plastic to align right. This is due to some tolerances by Yamaha varying a bit. There are some suggestions in the instructions on how to try and minimize this.

  7. Gaetan Noel

    1 aout 23
    From Quebec it very god produc make big difference 75% better.
    Beaucoup plus confortable je me sent beaucoup moin pousser vers avant je le recommande

  8. Mr.Lau

    Hi there,i from Malaysia, i like to buy this kit, can u post to Malaysia?

    • Joe Kelly

      Yes we ship to Malaysia, I ship all over the world.

  9. chris

    Just received the kit. Surprisingly fast shipping to Germany (5 working days). Had to pay around 10€ aditionally for taxes picking it up from the shop.
    Can confirm it fits the Tracer 9 GT 2023 Model (RN70) without any problems. Haven’t really ridden it yet but it feels awesome. Thanks!

  10. Charles Nelson Jr (verified owner)

    (pro version) Combined with a corbin seat at the low adjustment and pegs at the low position I still had extra energy after 6hrs of highway and west Virginia mountain roads.

    Also got rid of my shoulder pain somehow which I was gonna get bar risers for, don’t need them now

    I usually ride with the seat and pegs at the highest and it’s still comfortable. Of course I can’t flat foot the bike but I didn’t get a sport tour for city use and heavy traffic
    5’4 (64in) 28 inseam

  11. Nigel Clarke (verified owner)

    I have to agree. I purchased my seat mod for my Tracer 9 GT and it arrived super quick, easy to install and to say the difference in comfort is amazing.

    I’ve got to say one of the best purchases on the bike I have made.

    A must for any Traver 9 GT owner it makes so much difference not having my man niys mashed against the tank

    Well done all a perfect fix

  12. Linus Bergström (verified owner)

    Perfekt fit on a Tracer 9gt+, I used the 6mm kit and it feels way better.
    First order got lost by my own postal service and I contacted seller and he sent a new one same day!! Amazing service. Thanks and we’ll done!

    • Joe Kelly

      Happy you like it, thanks for the review!

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