JK3D is the brainchild of Joe Kelly – a passionate geek and engineer who has fallen fully into 3D CAD design, Goal/Purpose driven outcomes, and Additive manufacturing. As an avid motorcyclist, backpacker, skier, photographer, and general geek, a lot of what I’ve designed is based around those industries.

I am located out of Denver, CO USA and all production, design and shipping happens from that location.

JK3D.us is operated as a business unit under Wave Particle Industries LLC.

The Mission:

I started this store as an easier way to sell my custom designed/bespoke items out to the public, and share my passion for well designed products that fix specific problems and needs. I want my products to fix, enhance, and overall make what ever activity you are using them in a better experience. I am a small one person operation that runs on passion, attention to detail, and an obsessive focus on ensuring the customer gets what they are paying for. – Joe

The History:

(I have a personal blog at https://joekelly.co that I chronicle my adventures in this space and others)

  • 2014-2016: I started designing my own parts for photography and outsourcing the printing/mfg of them back in summer 2014. I started with this to make backpacking photography lighter and easier. Some of these designs will be featured on here shortly, and some I have used continually for the last 5 years.
  • 2017: I purchased my own 3D printer, a cheap Anet A8 to get a handle on FDM printing as a hobby, I immediately started making items for photography and R/C car racing myself.
  • 2018: The cheap 3D printer was no longer cheap as upgrades, custom changes, and design upgrades took a simple cheap printer, into an exotic materials printing machine. A number of custom parts were designed by me for the printer. Along the way I also designed additional specialized tools for R/C car racing, and backpacking (some of which are already listed on JK3D for sale – Bigfeet are an example of that).
  • 2019: Not content with what my 3D printer could do, I started down the path of designing my own 3D printer 100% from scratch that would rival some of the highest end FDM printers on the market. It took close to a year and hundreds of completely custom parts to finish the project, but the printer is now in full production with updates being made for it all the time. You can read about this printer here.

    The printer itself has bee reconfigured and upgrade recently to enable full time production workloads consistently and reliably. Eventually I may release the designs for the printer and offer production of copies of it.
  • 2020: During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic I collaborated with a local PPE supplier in Colorado and manufactured hundreds of components for them, and thousands for individuals around the state.

    As an avid motorcyclist by mid 2020 I started making parts for my 2019 Yamaha Tracer 900GT, and other bikes. This has expanded rapidly to doing a lot of one-off work for small asks/projects. I’ve started designing and testing parts for trucks and cars as well (Some of those are being tested right now as of Spring 2021).
  • 2021 and Beyond: After seeing the need and ways I am able to help others and expand my passion for this industry and others, I started JK3D.us in the spring of 2021. I started the site to make what I can offer available to more people easier and faster. I’ve been working on the concept, and execution of JK3D since mid 2020 and only launched it once I was comfortable with what I was able to execute on and support my customers with.

Contact Info / Customer Satisfaction:

I am extremely focused on customer service, and ensuring you are getting what you requested. If you have any questions, product requests, suggestions, etc… please feel free to email shop@jk3d.us or for specific product support questions email support@jk3d.us and I will respond to you ASAP.