Sapphire vs Mineral Glass

I’ve had some emails and discussions about the different lens materials for the popular lens protectors I sell.

I personally used Mineral Glass and carried a few extra lenses on the bike for the year or so of use before I started this site. Now I just carry one backup mineral glass, and have 1mm Sapphire on front and rear cameras. I’ve done 7000mi on the current lenses in sand, dirt, asphalt, highspeed freeway runs, rain, cold, etc… and have had zero scratches or damage.

Sapphire is stunning in its properties, its extremely unlikely to be scratched or damaged in normal use! No worries about being super delicate on wiping of dirt like I was with the Mineral glass. I would need to replace mineral glass after every major trip due to pitting and chips.

Physically they even feel different than mineral glass (Heavier/denser, colder due to it being more thermally conductive). Here is a neat link on the differences (JK3D is not affiliated with the link):

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