Camera Asymmetry in INNOVV K3 and K5 Rear cameras, and the fix

I noticed a weird phenomena on the new INNOVV K3 camera I am using and the K5 Rear camera. Newer bullet cameras from INNOVV are showing some odd shift in the optics. This was noticed by me when I mounted the new K3 on my motorcycle in the same spot as my K2. Now body work was in the view where it was not before. Not only that but some vignetting was seen by the lens protectors, but only on one corner on all 3 cameras!

Since I designed these lens protectors to avoid any vignette of the image, this perplexed me. I did some testing and noticed the camera field of view is shifted heavily to one side. So while the other is well clear of any interference from the lens protector, on one corner it gets into the field of view slightly.

NOTE: This does NOT affect the K5 Front Camera!

Here are examples of how it looks:

I messaged INNOVV about this on their forum here: With an example set of photos.

They replied back that this is a known issue with the current cameras:

Cameras affected:

I’ve tested K2, K5 Rear, and K3 cameras.

  • K2 Cameras – Very minor shift, nearly centered, could use the eccentric spacer if needed, but not necessary in most cases. (C5 uses the same camera)
  • K3 Cameras – Significant offset to one side
  • K5 Rear Camera – Significant offset to one side (uses the same camera as the K3)
  • K5 Main camera NOT affected by this.

The solution:

I have tested a slightly asymmetrical TPU sleeve for the K2/K3/C5/K5 Rear cameras. This shifts the camera slightly (.7mm off to one side) and should minimize the interference from the lens protector with the off center lens. Placing the TPU will take trial and error to ensure the eccentric shift is in alignment with the offset in the optics.

Now the K3 cameras I am testing on, are significantly shifted, so I’ve been doing my best to try and make a TPU insert that will compensate for this.

To use the eccentric TPU sleeve option, insert it like the normal one, but then rotate it so the thicker side is toward where the vignette shows up in the corner. This may take some trial and error. There is a small cut in the TPU sleeve as an index to make it easy to rotate it with your fingernail without removing it from the lens protector housing.

This wont be a total fix for some of the cameras that are offset by any significant amount. Unless I redesign the lens protector to be a lot larger I am hitting the limits of adjustment with the eccentric and ensuring the fit is still consistent.

How to receive the fix:

Past Orders: Because this is an issue with INNOVV quality control, and is not consistent from all cameras. I am going to list these as an option you can order for the cost of shipping + material (I do realize for international orders this is not optimal). Because I want to be sure anyone who has ordered for a K3/K5 Rear is able to get this, if you email me at I would be happy to share the .STL of the eccentric for you to print on your own printer with TPU.

New orders: As of 8/29/2021 all orders for K3/K2/C5/K5 Rear will include the eccentric TPU spacer in addition to the standard centered one.

Please email me at if you have any questions.

Hopefully INNOVV will correct this in future versions and updates, but until then this is a functional way to remediate it.

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