Sapphire lenses inbound

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(Update 3/21/2022 – Still pending, delayed shipments. I have 40+ lenses coming in over the next couple weeks but shipping has been delayed more than expected)

The JK3D Innovv lens protectors with Sapphire lenses are very low stock right now (or possibly out of stock by the time this gets posted). A good number of sapphire lenses are on their way but were delayed, some should be here in a couple days. I am also working on catching up on stock for a few other items (Seat Slope Mods for the Tracer 9GT mainly). If something is out of stock be sure to register to be notified when it is back in on the product page.


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A couple items are out of stock right now, and hopefully will be back in stock this weekend. There have been some delays in production this week due to a water pipe breaking in the building the printing is done in. Fortunately there was no damage to the gear but still has caused some delays. Items are being shipped (with a potential 1 day delay right now), and stock is accurate on the site.

Flood of orders!

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In the last handful of days you are all clearing me out of Yamaha Tracer 9 Seat Slope Mods 🙂 I am making more as we speak and the inventory is current on the page (if its out of stock register for an email notice when more are in) I am shipping them out daily. In the last 48 hours I’ve had orders from 7 different countries, and 6 US states. Thanks!!!
(Note it is a holiday in the US, so orders placed this weekend will ship Tue morning)

Intl Shipment Woes

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(Update 1/27: Seems the packages are all starting to move, I’ve seen most packages from the 2nd week of January either start tracking again or actually get to their destinations)

I wanted to update on what seems to be an issue developing with International shipments from the US. Almost every package I’ve shipped since the 2nd week of January (including non packages, and priority mail packages to family in Europe) are all just sitting in LA. Reddit and other platforms are full of people reporting the same. Seems the USPS has been hit HARD with post holiday Omicron outbreaks and is barely functional.

I am very sorry for any delays, and hope this backlog clears up ASAP! Unfortunately I have no way to expedite, or even check on status beyond the package tracking info for any packages. If after 30 days you still have not received your package reach out to me and I will see if I can do anything to help, but there are not many options available if the package isn’t lost.

Also after the package leaves the US, check with your local national postal system using the tracking number you were sent.

Busy start to the new year!

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With 2022 kicking off, orders have been coming in pretty rapidly.

I am shipping out one of the first reseller orders to Spain, a large batch of INNOVV Lens protectors! Once they get the package and list them I will post here where in Europe you can purchase the Lens Protectors in the EU!

Happy Holidays!

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The holiday season is in full swing! Orders are being shipped daily still, but expect some minor delays just due to the postal service slowness this time of year. Update on the MT-09 seat slope mod – test units have … Continued

Seat Slope Mod for ’21+ MT-09

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With the successful launch of the Tracer 9GT Seat Slope Mod (thanks for all the orders!!), I shifted my focus back on the MT-09 option. With some help from some customers I was able to come up with a different design for that bike. The subframe is completely different from the Tracer 9GT, and the shims are visible to the outside so I wanted them to be clean looking like they belong.

I am ordering some hardware and making some prototypes to send out in next week for testing.

Tracer 9GT/MT-09 Seat slope preview sales coming

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Coming up in a week (I am waiting on some last bits of rider feedback) I am going to be listing a limited number of sets of the seat slope mod shims for the ’21 Tracer 9GT/MT-09. These will be discounted preview items due to me needing some additional feedback before I open the flood gates on these.

Another note is that material costs are going up and certain products may increase price accordingly. This shouldn’t be much, but as we are seeing most things are more expensive world wide right now and that is directly impacting my raw material suppliers.

USPS Shipping Rates / Australia limits

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Hi all, USPS increased their flat rate shipping in the US last week by .75$ and some 1st class rates also went up slightly.

A big change with USPS is they are not allowing 1st Class, or International Priority Mail to Australia right now from the US. Only postal option is USPS Priority Express International, which starts at $65USD. The system will open up 1st Class again once USPS allows it.