Intl Shipment Woes

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(Update 1/27: Seems the packages are all starting to move, I’ve seen most packages from the 2nd week of January either start tracking again or actually get to their destinations)

I wanted to update on what seems to be an issue developing with International shipments from the US. Almost every package I’ve shipped since the 2nd week of January (including non packages, and priority mail packages to family in Europe) are all just sitting in LA. Reddit and other platforms are full of people reporting the same. Seems the USPS has been hit HARD with post holiday Omicron outbreaks and is barely functional.

I am very sorry for any delays, and hope this backlog clears up ASAP! Unfortunately I have no way to expedite, or even check on status beyond the package tracking info for any packages. If after 30 days you still have not received your package reach out to me and I will see if I can do anything to help, but there are not many options available if the package isn’t lost.

Also after the package leaves the US, check with your local national postal system using the tracking number you were sent.