INNOVV Lens Protectors Restocking

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(Update – I am sourcing a limited number of Sapphire lenses in the next day, and will let people know in the order they registered to be notified)

Due to the flood of orders in the last 24 hours, I am getting more lens protectors produced, and mineral/sapphire glass in as fast as I can, shipping may be delayed a day or two on new orders. Register to be notified on the product page when they are back in stock! ETA for Mineral Glass is 7-14 days from now, Sapphire is ~ May 13th due to shipping delays.

Flood of orders!

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In the last handful of days you are all clearing me out of Yamaha Tracer 9 Seat Slope Mods 🙂 I am making more as we speak and the inventory is current on the page (if its out of stock register for an email notice when more are in) I am shipping them out daily. In the last 48 hours I’ve had orders from 7 different countries, and 6 US states. Thanks!!!
(Note it is a holiday in the US, so orders placed this weekend will ship Tue morning)

Tracer 9GT/MT-09 Seat slope preview sales coming

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Coming up in a week (I am waiting on some last bits of rider feedback) I am going to be listing a limited number of sets of the seat slope mod shims for the ’21 Tracer 9GT/MT-09. These will be discounted preview items due to me needing some additional feedback before I open the flood gates on these.

Another note is that material costs are going up and certain products may increase price accordingly. This shouldn’t be much, but as we are seeing most things are more expensive world wide right now and that is directly impacting my raw material suppliers.