Tracer 9GT/MT-09 Seat slope preview sales coming

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Coming up in a week (I am waiting on some last bits of rider feedback) I am going to be listing a limited number of sets of the seat slope mod shims for the ’21 Tracer 9GT/MT-09. These will be discounted preview items due to me needing some additional feedback before I open the flood gates on these.

Another note is that material costs are going up and certain products may increase price accordingly. This shouldn’t be much, but as we are seeing most things are more expensive world wide right now and that is directly impacting my raw material suppliers.

USPS Shipping Rates / Australia limits

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Hi all, USPS increased their flat rate shipping in the US last week by .75$ and some 1st class rates also went up slightly.

A big change with USPS is they are not allowing 1st Class, or International Priority Mail to Australia right now from the US. Only postal option is USPS Priority Express International, which starts at $65USD. The system will open up 1st Class again once USPS allows it.

Product and Site Updates

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I have been cleaning up some pages and products on the site a bit the last few days. Adding and removing some options, and cleaning up some of the instruction pages. Sales have really been pretty consistent the last couple … Continued

Shipping and Tracking info guidance

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I’ve had a number of emails asking about shipment tracking – I’ve updated the “Order Completed” emails to mention that there is tracking info in that email. All orders completed at have tracking info included in the “Order Completed” email.

I’ve updated the Support page to include shipping FAQs

PayPal Issues – Resolved for now

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A software update a few days ago has crippled some functionality for the PayPal Checkout. I’ve reverted to an older method of paypal check out that should work fine, even if it is a bit more rudimentary. I am researching … Continued

New Product Shipping – Tracer/MT-09 Seat Slope Fix

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shipped the first handful of orders of a new product I brought to the site in the last few days. After dealing with the natural forward slope of the Tracer 900 GT seat, and knowing the non GT, and the MT-09 all share the same issues I designed a quick fix. I tested the fix on the last 1800 mi trip and a bit this summer, and finished up some design tweaks last week to lock it in and start producing the new kit.

Get yours here:

Sapphire lenses are in!

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They just came in, and I am going to ship as many as I can before I leave on vacation 9/12! Get those orders in this weekend! There were as many in-stock requests as I have lenses in, so these … Continued

Going on a little 2 wheel holiday

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While I am waiting for the shipment of Sapphire to get in, The week of 9/12-19 I am going to go on a small motorcycle vacation up to some national parks in Wyoming/Montana. During that week any order that comes in on JK3D, will be packed and shipped on 9/20. Sorry for any delays, but I am a one man shop, and this man needs a vacation 🙂

I am also testing some new products on the trip.