Parts specifically for the Innovv Camera accessories

Lens Protector Replacement Extra Sapphire Crystal Lens V3

Replacement Sapphire Crystal Lens 27.5x1mm lens for the V3 Lens Protector.   These are 100% Sapphire crystal lenses, that are vastly more scratch and pit resistant than the mineral glass options.  They also maintain an excellent clarity and optical performance. … Continued

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Lens Protector V2 Replacement Extra Mineral Glass

Clearance Item!  Once they are gone, they are gone. NOTE these will NOT fit the Lend protector V3. Replacement Mineral Glass 26x1mm lens for the Lens Protector.  Carry a few extra on trips in case a lens gets scratched … Continued

Original price was: $5.75.Current price is: $3.00. Add to cart Sapphire Motorsports Camera Lens Protector V3

The Motorsport Lens Protector V3 has been specifically designed for CHIGEE and INNOVV Action/Motorsports dash cams (and potentially more in the future).  All lens protectors ship with high quality true Sapphire crystal for the lens giving unparalleled clarity and durability from scratches. 

Each lens protector is sold as a single camera. 

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Innovv Lens Protector V2 K5 Front Camera TPU insert

This is a clearance item for the V2 lens protectors, once the inventory is gone it will need to be a special order to get a new one printed.  Already own a Dash/Action cam protector from JK3D for the Innovv … Continued

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Yamaha Tracer 900(GT) Front Innovv K2/3/C5 Camera Mount

This is a special order item, please put your email in the stock update box and I will reach out to you when a run of these is available.

This is a custom designed camera mount that tucks the front camera from an Innovv K2, K3, C5 camera in the nose of the MY'18-20 Yamaha Tracer 900 and 900 GT.
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