Products for Ultralight Backpacking and other Outdoors uses

Bigfeet 2.0: Ultralight Backpacking Chair Feet
JK3D Bigfeet 2.0  - Stop your ultralight backpacking chair from sinking into soft dirt/sand!  I designed and have been testing these feet for 4+ years to keep your backpacking chair stay on top of soft ground and not sink in while backpacking.   Now with 2021, I have launched them with a updated design that now includes rubber feet as an option,  and a minorly updated design overall.
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SafeStake Tent Stake Tool
JK3D SafeStake V - Keep your hands and feet safe from the sharp edges from DAC V style tent stakes.    Use your boot, hand, or other tools to drive a tent stake in safely with this tool.
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