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The JK3D.us Motorsport Lens Protector V3 has been specifically designed for CHIGEE and INNOVV Action/Motorsports dash cams (and potentially more in the future).  All lens protectors ship with high quality true Sapphire crystal for the lens giving unparalleled clarity and durability from scratches. 

Each lens protector is sold as a single camera. 

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All V3 Lens Protectors ship with Sapphire crystal now as the lens option

After years of success with the JK3D.us Motorsports Camera Lens Protector on the INNOVV series of cameras, its time for a refresh!   With the launch of the INNOVV K6 and the CHIGEE AIO-5 Lite (and upcoming XR-3), I’ve taken the moment to look at refreshing the design (in very minor ways), and improving the protector for the previous generations as well!

Carried over from previous generations: (why change what works??)

  • Carbon Fiber Nylon-12 material used in the lens protector body – giving high durability, high strength, and chemical resistance.
  • Printed into the structure is a forward super soft TPU Seal to hold the sapphire crystal and give an initial layer of dust and water resistance.
  • Camera specific TPU rear seal/liner to give a secure and snug fit to the lens protector.

Updates from the V2:

  • With new action and motorsports cameras having larger frames the V3 of the JK3D.us lens protector is bigger by 1.5mm to accommodate this.   Extensive testing has been conducted on all the cameras this is currently being sold for to ensure optical performance, and no vignetting (dark corners).
  • The V3 lens protector is the same body for all cameras covered, the soft TPU insert is different for each model (See notes below)
  • The design has been re-done from scratch changing every dimension in small ways – while the lens is larger and the overall diameter is 1.5mm larger, the screw closure area is smaller and more streamlined making the overall package smaller.
  • Seal design has been refreshed to ensure better water resistance on all cameras. (Testing was done by leaving some cameras submerged in water for 12-24 hours, far exceeding IPX67 and other standards)
Testing the seal design on the AIO-5 Lens Protector for 12+ hours.

Each option is valid for 1x camera.  If you are ordering for Front and Rear cameras, be sure to order the right quantity based on the model of the camera.

INNOVV Camera Specific:

Note that the INNOVV K6, and K5 cameras have different sized/spec cameras on the front and rear.   Order the proper option for the front camera, and the rear cameras for both of those are the same as the K7, K3, K2,C5.
Kit includes:

  • 1x JK3D.us Motorsports Lens Protector V3 housing
  • 1x Sapphire Lens
  • 1x TPU Seal/Insert based on the model of camera ordered
  • 1x 3mm Screw and Nylock nut

CHIGEE AIO-5 Camera Specific: 

Since the AIO-5 Lite cameras are conical it presented a challenge to adapt a lens protector.   For this case there is a special adapter being included with this kit that requires a high-quality glue to attach it.  For this reason, the AIO-5 kit will ship with a small tube of E6000 cement as part of the kit.   NOTE: This adapter will not change the functionality of the camera, but may not be able to be removed easily if you choose to not use the lens protector.  Because of the additional glue and Carbon Fiber Nylon adapter, the AIO-5 Lite lens protector has an additional cost.
Kit Includes:

  • 1x JK3D.us Motorsports Lens Protector V3 housing
  • 1x CHIGEE Carbon Fiber Nylon shim
  • 1x .8oz tube of E6000 cement
  • 1x Sapphire Lens
  • 1x CHIGEE Specific TPU Seal
  • 1x 3mm Screw and Nylock nut

Install Instructions:

INNOVV Cameras: (Same instructions as the V2 series of lens protectors) https://jk3d.us/product-instructions/innovv-action-dashcam-lens-protector-install-care-instructions/

CHIGEE Cameras: While the general use of the Lens protector is the same as the INNOVV there are specific install instructions for the CF Nylon Shim. https://jk3d.us/product-instructions/chigee-aio-5-lite-camera-lens-protector-v3-install-instructions/


JK3D will warranty the lens protector from any material or manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the order date, if you would like to file a warranty claim please email support@jk3d.us and include your order number, description of the issue, and picture of the defect/failure. This warranty does NOT apply to the glass element or damage caused normal use/wear and tear, or abuse. If you have issues please contact me.

Note: This lens product is NOT guaranteed to protect against all damages to your action/dashcam.   This product is designed to give additional protection to your action / dashcam from sand, dust, dirt, small debris.  Large road debris, gravel, rocks, or other extreme events will still likely damage the camera (and the lens protector itself).  There is no implied or guaranteed protection of any device outside of what is outlined here.  

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .75 in


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