Special May Coupon Code!

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While JK3D.us takes a small break during May (May 8th – 26th 2023) from shipping, I wanted to offer a gift for those who place an order during that time for the extra delay on shipping.

From May 8th – 26th, any order placed can receive a 15% discount off the entire cart (excluding shipping costs) by using the coupon code “MayBreak2023”.

This code will not be active until May 8th and expires on May 26th. This code can be used once per customer, but is not limited on order size or on any products. Inventory will be stocked up before the break so that when we start shipping again orders can be packed and shipped in short order.

If you want your item before June order BEFORE May 8th!

Short pause in May

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From May 5th – 23rd I will be pausing shipping from the store as I take a break for a couple weeks and get ready for the summer! (Some needed maintenance on the machines and myself!) Orders can be placed after the 5th but wont ship until the 24th. When the Sapphire lenses come in (expecting ~ May 13-16th) I will get inventory updated and orders can be placed for them, but shipping wont happen on the lens protectors or any other orders until the 24th.

Thanks for understanding, and thanks for a great first half of the year! I truly appreciate talking with and helping the people and communities JK3D.us serves.

FYI: JK3D.us does NOT sell on Etsy or Ebay

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Don’t be fooled by cheap knock-off imitations, scams, or other copies of JK3D.us products. The same people who rip off other people’s designs also are likely to rip you off (as is clearly the case with one of the Etsy stores that just takes people’s money and doesn’t ship their questionable products). JK3D.us products are ONLY sold through JK3D.us. Stick with the real deal!

CHIGEE AIO-5 and Lens Protector V3 products are live!

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After months of development work, testing, redesigns, more testing, etc… a handful of products are posted!

The CHIGEE AIO-5 Lite 1″ RAM Ball Mount

CHIGEE AIO-5 Camera GoPro mount

JK3D.us Motorsport Lens protector V3 that supports the INNOVV K6, and Chigee AIO-5 cameras as well as all other INNOVV K5, K3, K2 and C5 cameras.

Up next – Confirmation of INNOVV K7 and N1 camera fitment for the V3 lens protectors. And a few other special bits for the CHIGEE AIO-5 and XR-3

Cleaning up the store in prep for new products!

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I am removing or making a lot of products special order as I try to streamline what I am selling and offering. I am going to be launching the JK3D Motorsports Lens protector V3 (for INNOVV and CHIGEE action cameras), and a number of other products I’ve been working on.

The remaining Lens Protector V2 with Mineral glass lenses are listed at a deep discount now to move them out as I found I had about 10 left. These are for the INNOVV K5 and K2/K3/C5 cameras.

I hope to have the V3, and all the CHIGEE stuff posted in the next few days!

Fix for the random Tracer 9GT fairing gap

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Hey everyone, Some customers have had an issue with some of the Tracer 9GTs with a fairing gap between the plastic and the tank when using the 8mm Seat Slope kit. A customer mentioned a great fix and I wanted to pass it along! (I added it to the instructions). Since this isn’t common on every bike Its been hard to track down a fix. (click on the post text above to see the full pic)

New Stuff Incoming!

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I am working on a number of enhancements, updates, and new products.

Some of them I can’t say quite yet, but one big one is the Lens protector for the INNOVV K6 camera. I have some prototypes designed and new sapphire crystal ordered for them. Since the housing is so much bigger than the K5 or K2/3 cameras, it requires a new crystal and bigger overall design. In time I may just standardize on the bigger/new design for all the cameras (with different TPU inserts).

I also have a different brand action cam setup coming in this week I will be starting to design protectors and mounts for.

Watch this space for more updates!


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After a pretty large wave of orders last week, all the Seat Slope mod products are back in stock! I am building up inventory now! Thanks for the orders and hope everyone is getting out for some winter riding when the weather allows!

Happy New Year!

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JK3D.us hopes you and yours have a great new year!

I am going to be doing some updates to the site, product descriptions, removing some old products, adding some new ones…. Looking forward to a great new years!

If you have any product recommendations drop me a line @ shop@jk3d.us!