Special May Coupon Code!

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While JK3D.us takes a small break during May (May 8th – 26th 2023) from shipping, I wanted to offer a gift for those who place an order during that time for the extra delay on shipping.

From May 8th – 26th, any order placed can receive a 15% discount off the entire cart (excluding shipping costs) by using the coupon code “MayBreak2023”.

This code will not be active until May 8th and expires on May 26th. This code can be used once per customer, but is not limited on order size or on any products. Inventory will be stocked up before the break so that when we start shipping again orders can be packed and shipped in short order.

If you want your item before June order BEFORE May 8th!

Short pause in May

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From May 5th – 23rd I will be pausing shipping from the store as I take a break for a couple weeks and get ready for the summer! (Some needed maintenance on the machines and myself!) Orders can be placed after the 5th but wont ship until the 24th. When the Sapphire lenses come in (expecting ~ May 13-16th) I will get inventory updated and orders can be placed for them, but shipping wont happen on the lens protectors or any other orders until the 24th.

Thanks for understanding, and thanks for a great first half of the year! I truly appreciate talking with and helping the people and communities JK3D.us serves.

Change to International USPS Shipping charges.

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With the holidays, USPS has locked down being able to ship USPS First Class Mail internationally (Only international, Domestic US shipping is unchanged) to just documents. This means the loop-hole that JK3D has been shipping under (since our products are small enough to fit in the USPS First Class Mail requirements… or were) is over for now. This means shipping defaults now to the First Class International Parcel service (which gives the perks of more detailed tracking, and faster delivery) but doubles+ the cost of the shipping from the flat $7.50 I was charging to $15-19 USD.

At this time I don’t have a cheaper alternative for international shipping. (you pay what I pay for shipping, there is no added margin on any shipment.)

JK3D.us is back from vacation!

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We are back! I am shipping out orders in the order they came in. All orders over the last 3 weeks should be shipped by Friday 9/29. Due to some bot attacks on the site, for now it is required to create a user account when checking out. This is temporary until I find a better way to defeat the bots.

Shipping Pause in September

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Hi everyone! JK3D.us will be pausing shipping in September from ~ 3th – 26th for a bit of R&R. Like the break I took in May, all orders placed before the 6th will ship out, and any order placed after the 3th will ship on or around the 26th. For the inconvenience I am going to offer a 15% off coupon to all orders placed while we are closed (9/3-9/26)! I will post the coupon code in early sept.

So, if you want to get your order before the fall order BEFORE Sept 3th!

New Lower Cost International Shipping Option!

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Since JK3D.us launched, one of the biggest pain points for my international customers has been the expensive shipping options. After testing, and changing packaging, I am now able to offer up less expensive 1st class international shipping options!

$7.50 USD Flat fee shipping – ~ 15 – 35 days shipping for most countries outside the US (may be less, but that seems to be the average), USPS tracking ends when the package leaves the US, and there is no insurance on the package. But… its ~ $8-10 cheaper than the parcel option.

This is shipping class is limited in weight and size of the product so is not available for every item.

I hope this helps our international community!

Back and Shipping!

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Thanks for all the orders while I was taking a break! I am packing and shipping in batches over the next couple days. It is a US holiday Monday, and shipping doesn’t move much on Sundays, so expect to see orders start tracking or moving on Tuesday 5/30 if you get a shipping notice before then.

the coupon will be active until 12am Mountain time 5/27!

Shipping Delay in May

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JK3D will not be shipping orders from May 9th to the 29th 2023. This will be some time off, but also time to do maintenance on the machines, and overall tidy things up. Inventory will be updated, and orders will still be taken, but shipping will be delayed in that time period until May 29th.

If you want an order before June 2023, order BEFORE May 9th.

2023 Yamaha Tracer 9GT Seat Slope Mod

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Hi everyone! This last week I verified that the 2021+ Tracer 9GT Seat Slope mod works on the 2023 model. I have not confirmed compatibility with the 2023 GT+ though (the GT+ is supposed to use a different seat/Mount but that is TBD).

MT-09 Seat Slope Mod:
Talking about new models for the seat slope mod, I have shipped out a handful of prototypes for the MT-09 models, I have either not received feedback, or what I did was not great, so I am unsure on the viability of the mod for that bike currently. I have 1 more prototype set here I can ship out as of 3/28 but would prefer to ship it in the US if possible if someone wants to test on a 2021+ MT09. Email shop@jk3d.us if you are interested in testing it, but I will need feedback if you do.