New Lens Protectors Incoming!

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With the launch of the INNOVV K6, and the Chigee AIO-5 all in one setup it was time to iterate the extremely successful Motorsports Dashcam Lens protector. The design remains fundamentally the same, with some cosmetic refinements, and dimensional changes to allow the use on the larger K6, and other action cams.
Main changes coming for the JK3D Motorsports Action Cam Lens protectors:

  • Larger Sapphire Crystal (1.5mm bigger than before) – This increases the field of view, and enables the lens protector to be used on more cameras. This also eliminates the need for the asymmetric seals for the K2/K3 cameras due to their offset optics many had.
  • Streamlined appearance – While a larger overall diameter, the securing bolt/nut is closer to the lens making it the same actual size with the screw lug included as the existing V2 model
  • Improving the seal design for some models
  • Less waste in the printing process
  • One model of lens protector body to fit INNOVV K6,K5,K3,K2,C5 cameras, and Chigee AIO-5, and XR-3 (TBD on the 3rd camera for the XR3), and more…
  • Only Sapphire lenses will be sold with lens protectors going forward – Only 3 orders of mineral glass lenses happened in the last year, so no reason to stock them.

This is the first time since 2021 that the crystal size is going to change as well, which means the V2 model is out of stock as I am waiting on a delivery of the new larger crystals to come in by May 1st 2024. I will be selling the excess Mineral crystals for the V1/V2 lens protectors for cost on the site coming up. Dashcam Lens Protector stats: (since the launch in early 2021 – the first product produced)

  • Number of Sapphire crystals shipped: 500+
  • Number of replacements for damaged/cracked Sapphire crystals: 1
  • Countries the Lens Protectors have been shipped to: 71
  • Replacement of full Lens Protector due to a large rock hit that saved the camera but destroyed the lens protector: 2

Expect the New Motorsport Camera Lens Protectors (v3) to be listed for sale at the start of May 2024 for both INNOVV and Chigee cameras.

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