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JK3D Motorsports INNOVV Camera Lens Protector V2
This camera lens protector specifically designed for the Innovv C5, K2, K3,K5 series of cameras. This is the only action cam / dash cam lens protector using sapphire crystal for incredible durability and optical clarity!  Don't be fooled by Ebay knock offs that leak water, and have inferior optical quality. 
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Lens Protector Replacement Extra Sapphire Crystal Lens

Replacement Sapphire Crystal Lens 26x1mm  (up to 1.5mm depending on batch) lens for the Lens Protector.  These are 100% Sapphire crystal lenses, that are vastly more scratch and pit resistant than the mineral glass options.  They also maintain an excellent … Continued

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Lens Protector Replacement Extra Mineral Glass

Replacement Mineral Glass 26x1mm  (up to 1.5mm depending on batch) lens for the Lens Protector.  Carry a few extra on trips in case a lens gets scratched and broken. **Note the packing and mfg may be different from the product … Continued

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Ford Ecoboost Radiator Drain Tool
A Handy tool to make draining coolant from your Ford Ecoboost vehicle easy and consistent.  The JK3D Ecoboost Radiator Drain Tool fits snug on the petcock of the radiator and will stay in place through the coolant flush cycles.  No need to crawl under your car every flush!!
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Innovv Lens Protector K5 Front Camera TPU insert

Already own a Dash/Action cam protector from JK3D for the Innovv series of cameras?  Just get a K5 camera setup?  Well this TPU Insert for the 22mm K5 Front camera lets you use the existing lens protector and lens on … Continued

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JK3D Moto Fork Adjustment Tool
Adjust the Compression / Rebound / Preload on-the-go for your on-road/off-road/racing forks/cartridges.  This tool has many sizing options for most suspension out there, if yours doesn't fit this list please email me and I will get one tweaked for your needs! This is a lightweight  (8gm) tool and is printed in durable and temperature stable ABS-Like resin. This portable and compact tool is pocket ready part with a lanyard hole to keep track of it.  Perfect for making quick changes while out for a ride.
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SafeStake Tent Stake Tool
JK3D SafeStake V - Keep your hands and feet safe from the sharp edges from DAC V style tent stakes.    Use your boot, hand, or other tools to drive a tent stake in safely with this tool.
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Innovv Lens Protector K2/K3/K5 Rear Camera Eccentric TPU insert

This is only needed for past orders, all new orders with K5 Rear, K2, K3, C5 cameras ship with this as of 8/29/2021. This eccentric TPU insert is offset by ~ .7mm from center to help mitigate the known asymmetry … Continued

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Yamaha Tracer 900 (GT) Rear Powerlet Mount
Custom Powerlet Connector Mount for the Yamaha Tracer 900 and 900 GT Motorcycles for MY'18-20.  
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