Ford Ecoboost Radiator Drain Tool


A Handy tool to make draining coolant from your Ford Ecoboost vehicle easy and consistent.  The JK3D Ecoboost Radiator Drain Tool fits snug on the petcock of the radiator and will stay in place through the coolant flush cycles.  No need to crawl under your car every flush!!

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This tool was born out of the need for an easy and reliable way to open and close the valve on my Ecoboost 2.7L radiator, I designed this tool.   It slides onto the petcock/valve on the bottom of the radiator and with a 8″+ 3/8″ ratchet extension allows you to open and close the valve without ever going under the car.

The JK3D Ecoboost Radiator tool holds onto the valve with a light resistance, so during the coolant flush cycles you just leave the extension/valve tool on the radiator valve and you can just reach under the side of the car to open and close it.

This tool is known to work for the Ford Ecoboost 2L, 2.7L on the Edge and other platforms.      An easy way to check is to try and slide a 19mm socket over the valve and see if its snug.  Using a 19mm socket to open and close could end up slipping and damaging the valve, this tool will avoid any damage on the valve.


  • Drive: 3/8″ square socket
  • Radiator Petcock: 19mmx ~6mm blade
  • Material: Industrial Grade Chemically resistant and highly durable Carbon Fiber Nylon

Basic Instructions: 

(Instructions for using the tool only! For instructions on flushing the coolant please refer to the Service Manual for your vehicle.)

  • From under or on the side of the car with all the splash guards removed, slide the tool + extension over the cross members/hoses and line up the tool with the valve.
  • (optional: slide some 3/8″ fuel hose on the drain hole to keep from getting coolant everywhere)
  • The tool should fit snug on the blade of the valve and stay in place during the work.  If its not try placing a small strip of tape in the blade opening on the tool and then it should remain snug.
  • To Open the valve by turning the valve counter clockwise, and with a light touch keep opening it until it stops.  If you use too much force you will break the valve!
  • To Close the valve by reversing the above, and with a light touch make sure its closed completely.


JK3D will warranty the Ecoboost Radiator Drain Tool from breaking or failure for a period if 6 months from date of order.   To submit a warranty claim please email and include your order number, picture of the damage/issue, and description of the problem and JK3D will get you taken care of!  If you have any issues or challenges with this product please email me and we will find a solution!

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in


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