Yamaha Tracer 900(GT) Front Innovv K2/3/C5 Camera Mount


This is a custom designed camera mount that tucks the front camera from an Innovv K2, K3, C5 camera in the nose of the MY’18-20 Yamaha Tracer 900 and 900 GT.

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This is a custom designed camera mount that tucks the front camera from an Innovv K2, K3, C5 camera in the nose of the MY’18-20 Yamaha Tracer 900 and 900 GT.   This protects the camera from accidental damage from larger debris, and keeps a clean look while not blocking the view at all.   This is a fast install and only requires a few tools and minimal modification of the bike.  This design has been iterated a bit over the last few months after seeing the optics of the K3 camera.   Still the same just some tweaks to move the camera forward 10mm. 

Fitment:  Fits Yamaha Tracer 900 and 900 GT MY ’18 – 20 only.   This model mount will fit the Innovv K2, K3, and C5 cameras (or presumably any other 25.5mm diameter camera of similar length)

History and Design:  I designed this mount for my own motorcycle back in early 2020 and have used it extensively since then.  The design looks very simple but it incorporates a lot of subtle design features to enable the install on the motorcycle with a minimum amount of modifications and the cleanest look and not require any removal of bodywork of the motorcycle.   I spent a number of days doing fast test fittings with cheap material until I settled on a an efficient design that couples an incredibly solid mount with a clean look and some vibration/frequency isolation.


The front fairing of the motorcycle and lens area is already vibration isolated to some extent at various fitting points. This uses a natural central area of the bodywork and makes the install seamless with only 4 small 3mm holes being required and no bodywork removal needed.

This is a 5 part mount (not counting screw hardware):

  • Carbon Fiber Nylon Camera Mount Body (Including 2x 3x12mm and Screw/locknuts)
  • TPU Sleeve to hold the camera (May be white or black depending on the batch)
  • 2x Tabs that hold the nuts so it is easy to install inside the bodywork blind  (Including 4x 3x12mm Screws and locknuts)  (This may be made out of various materials)
  • Camera Body screw template  (This may be made out of various materials)

Tools Needed:

  • 3 – 3.5mm drill/bit
  • 2.5mm Hex wrench
  • Non-Marking Tape (Painters Tape)
  • A Pen/Marker

Install Time: ~ 15 minutes or less.

Install Instructions are located on the Support Page located here


JK3D will warranty this Innovv K2/3/C5 Tracer 900 Camera Mount from any material or manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the order date, if you would like to file a warranty claim please email support@jk3d.us and include your order number, description of the issue, and picture of the defect/failure. This warranty does NOT apply to the camera, any attached equipment including the bike, or damage caused normal use/wear and tear, or abuse. If you have issues please contact me ASAP.


Be sure to protect the camera with some kind of lens protector, which just so happens JK3D has you covered for!

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in


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