Bigfeet 2.0: Ultralight Backpacking Chair Feet


JK3D Bigfeet 2.0  – Stop your ultralight backpacking chair from sinking into soft dirt/sand!  I designed and have been testing these feet for 4+ years to keep your backpacking chair stay on top of soft ground and not sink in while backpacking.   Now with 2021, I have launched them with a updated design that now includes rubber feet as an option,  and a minorly updated design overall.

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Make your ultralight backpacking chair stable on soft ground!  Now with an updated design and option for rubber pads to keep stable on slick rock/flooring.

Problem: Modern Ultralight backpacking chairs are extremely comfortable, but their feet tend to sink into soft ground easily.  If you lean back too far on soft dirt, you could be on your back or break the chair!

Solution: I came up with a solution that I’ve refined over 5+ years of testing and having others test for me in the mountains of Colorado.  Made specifically and tested on all the REI Flexlite (air)  and Helinox ultralight folding chairs.   One design covers all of these backpacking chairs I have tested!  (Is your chair not one of these, email me and we can figure something out!)  

The base of the foot is angled and textured on purpose to give better stability/grip in loose dirt and sand.

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The Bigfeet are ultralight, compact, and extremely strong larger feet that clip onto the base of each foot.  These give the chair 4-6x the surface area and makes the chairs stable even on soft sand.  These are printed in Carbon Fiber Nylon to keep them light weight and very durable.   The deluxe model that includes TPU rubber pads on the bottom as well that give extra stability on slick rock, or if you want to use these on smooth flooring and not mar the floor.

The feet stay on and pack inside the chair just like normal, and do not impact the size of the chair to any noticeable extent. 

There is a TPU Spacer included with the Pro Model, this is not necessary but gives more stability of the foot on smaller camp chairs.  Without the TPU spacer the food still works perfectly, but may move around more in transit and when you pack/unpack the chair.  It is completely optional to use. 


Specs: (Per foot)

  • Dimmensions:50W, 44H (mm)
  • Weight: UL Model: 10.2gm per ft = 1.4oz per chair,  Pro Model: 12.0gm = 1.7oz per chair – Includes TPU spacer and Feet
  • Material: Carbon Fiber Nylon (Pro Model includes ultra durable TPU Rubber accessories)


What’s Included:

UL Model-

  • 4x JK3D Bigfeet 2.0
  • 4x TPU Spacer inserts for low foot height chairs (Helinox Chair Zero/REI Flexlite Air, etc…)
  • 5x Zipties (extra Ziptie included)

Pro Model-

  • 4x JK3D Bigfeet 2.0
  • TPU Foot Pads Installed in the base (removable, and replaceable)
  • 4x TPU Spacer inserts for low foot height chairs (Helinox Chair Zero/REI Flexlite Air, etc…)
  • 5x Zipties (extra Ziptie included)


Endurance Testing 4+ years in the making:

I first designed these feet many iterations ago back in 2016, and have updated the design annually, in 2018 I settled on a design have have used it since.  The Bigfeet 2.0 design is small revision on the tested design and updated to accept rubber feet. Besides for those updates, the foot is structurally the same as the same ones I’ve used since 2018. I have made a dozen of these before JK3D was a business and sold them to other backpacking enthusiasts in CO, and have never had a return or issue reported.


JK3D will warranty the Bigfeet from breaking or failure for a period if 6 months from date of order.   To submit a warranty claim please email and include your order number, picture of the damage/issue, and description of the problem and JK3D will get you taken care of!  If you have any issues or challenges with this product please email me and we will find a solution!



Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in

UL Model, Pro Model


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