New V2 Innovv Lens Protector is live

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I’ve been shipping some V2 lens protectors as I ran out of V1 versions for the last week. These new updates on the design are very minor but to give some visual changes. I’ve used this design for a few months now, and it works just as good as the V1.

Main changes:

  • Faster Printing with less waste – this is the primary reason I made the change – This new design requires 80% less support material, and generates a lot less waste in general.
  • Most visibly, the front face has an extended “tooth” protecting the clamp from damage
  • The “tooth” on the front also connects to one side of the clamp to strengthen the entire front face and make pushing it onto the camera a bit easier.
  • The clamp is now only cut on one side because of the above.
  • The front bezel material is ~.4mm thinner (.2mm Nylon .2mm TPU reduction) to reduce unneeded material, but also some random INNOVV cameras may have slight vignetting with the old design if you use 1.5mm lenses. This should remove that entirely with any lens up to close to 2mm thick. The TPU camera sleeves were thinned down months ago to address this as well.

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