JK3D Motorsports INNOVV Camera Lens Protector V2
This camera lens protector specifically designed for the Innovv C5, K2, K3,K5 series of cameras, and is the only action cam / dash cam lens protector using sapphire crystal for incredible durability and optical clarity!
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Lens Protector Replacement Extra Sapphire Crystal Lens

Replacement Sapphire Crystal Lens 26x1mm  (up to 1.5mm depending on batch) lens for the Lens Protector.  These are 100% Sapphire crystal lenses, that are vastly more scratch and pit resistant than the mineral glass options.  They also maintain an excellent … Continued

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Lens Protector Replacement Extra Mineral Glass

Replacement Mineral Glass 26x1mm  (up to 1.5mm depending on batch) lens for the Lens Protector.  Carry a few extra on trips in case a lens gets scratched and broken. **Note the packing and mfg may be different from the product … Continued

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Innovv Lens Protector K5 Front Camera TPU insert

Already own a Dash/Action cam protector from JK3D for the Innovv series of cameras?  Just get a K5 camera setup?  Well this TPU Insert for the 22mm K5 Front camera lets you use the existing lens protector and lens on … Continued

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JK3D Moto Fork Tool Protective Cap
This is a handy soft TPU cap made to not increase the size of the tool but protect the hex on the 4 and 3mm hex clicker adjustment tools.
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Innovv Lens Protector K2/K3/K5 Rear Camera Eccentric TPU insert

This is only needed for past orders, all new orders with K5 Rear, K2, K3, C5 cameras ship with this as of 8/29/2021. This eccentric TPU insert is offset by ~ .7mm from center to help mitigate the known asymmetry … Continued

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