Knockoffs starting to show up

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They say imitation is the best form of flattery, and that may be the case. But its turning out to just be lazy and low quality knockoffs… I found some kids in Europe doing some half assed knockoffs of what seems to be low quality materials, and far less QC. You have no idea what you are getting with these lazy fly-by-night kids with their first 3D printer. This is like buying Chinese knockoff junk… you have no idea what you are getting.

The Difference: designed our products from scratch, did weeks of testing in the desert at temps over 110F, and cold snowy conditions to ensure the materials would not degrade over time. We use the best quality TPU on the market and tested 8 different types to ensure the right qualities. We tested close to a dozen types of PA-6, PA-12 CF Nylon, CF-PolyCarbonate, etc… to find the material that holds up. Some products have been tested for 2 years before being put up for sale!

My designs are used on motorcycles all over the world and have been refined based on feedback, testing, and working with the communities. I am proud of my designs, and the quality control that goes into the products. Even items down to the right type of Velcro took a couple weeks to test through! is also here to support you with the products you purchase from us. I’ve helped many buyers around the world with various install questions or in the rare case of an issue, shipping replacement parts, or even making modified parts for them!

So if you see a product that looks like mine, but are not… you are rolling the dice on what some kid copied. Buy the genuine product once and be done, or buy knock off garbage, and in the end still buy the genuine article later.

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