JK3D Motorsports INNOVV Camera Lens Protector V2

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This camera lens protector specifically designed for the Innovv C5, K2, K3,K5 series of cameras. This is the only action cam / dash cam lens protector using sapphire crystal for incredible durability and optical clarity!  Don’t be fooled by Ebay knock offs that leak water, and have inferior optical quality. 

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JK3D Motorsport Dashcam Lens Protector V2.0 Update!  New updated design.


What is it?

This camera lens protector specifically designed for the Innovv C5, K2, K3,K5 series of cameras, and is the only action cam / dash cam lens protector using sapphire crystal for incredible durability and optical clarity!  Here is a video I produced using Innovv K2 cameras using these lens protectors for the entire trip.  

Update: 1/2024 – Since the launch of this product in early 2021, thousands of customers are using these kits successfully!  JK3D.us has even partnered with some Innovv resellers around the world who are including the lens protectors in some of their kits!

The protector has been designed to address the following issues:

  • Give additional protection against small rocks, sand, dust, dirt and light road debris
  • Make cleaning of the camera fast and easy (just wipe it off and not worry about damaging the camera lens)
  • Enable the use of high end optical materials (Sapphire) if wanted for superior clarity and scratch resistance
  • Create a seal around the lens protector element with minimal airspace between the main element of the camera and the protector to reduce the likelihood of fogging or pressure changes having an effect.

Design and Materials:


The design of this protector is meant to be minimalist and discrete and blend in with the camera body itself.   The materials chosen for this are mean to handle the all-weather/conditions situations the cameras may be in.  

  • Body made of high-end industrial grade Carbon Fiber Nylon (PA12) plastics.  Nylon PA12 Carbon Fiber material is one of the most durable thermoplastics commonly available.
  • Sapphire Crystal and Glass lenses.   To ensure easy cleaning, scratch resistance, and durability mineral glass or sapphire crystal is being used as the actual protector element.  These are easily sourced replacements (26mm x 1mm Watch Glass crystals).  These can be priced from $2.00 for mineral glass, to $10 – 15 for Sapphire. (Post about the differences between Sapphire and Mineral Glass)
  • Flexible TPU/Rubber Seals.  The body of the lens protector has a layer of TPU inlaid in it during the mfg process to hold and secure the lens in place and create a weather seal around it.

Product Options :

There are multiple options for multiple cameras listed in the ordering drop downs.

Current Camera Options:

  1. K5 Front Camera: 22mm Camera
  2. K2/3/C5 Front or Rear Cameras or K5 Rear Camera : 25mm Cameras  (all K2, K3, C5, and the K5 Rear camera are 25mm in diameter)

Lens Protector Options:

  1. Lens Protector + 26mm x 1-1.5 mm mineral glass lens included (standard) – Mineral glass is a nice balance of price, and durability.  Over thousands of miles of testing only minor pits were found.
  2. Lens Protector + 26mm x 1-1.5mm Sapphire lens included.   The advantage of the sapphire lens is that they are virtually scratch free, and very hard to damage with superior optical clarity. (Recommended for front facing cameras more than rear for the full benefit of the material)
  3. Lens Protector without any glass included.  This lets you source your own 26mm x 1 – 1.5mm glass/sapphire lens to place in the protector.

*note, lens thickness varies based on availability and batch.  1 – 1.5mm thickness is expected. 

All options include the the following parts:  Lens Protector body, Rear TPU sleeve (Variable depending on options picked when ordering – As of 8/29/2021 all K2/K3/C5/K5 Rear will include an additional eccentric TPU sleeve as well to remedy the optical asymmetry seen in some of those cameras), 3mm screw and locknut.

Install Instructions: Click here for the Install Instructions


JK3D will warranty the lens protector from any material or manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the order date, if you would like to file a warranty claim please email support@jk3d.us and include your order number, description of the issue, and picture of the defect/failure. This warranty does NOT apply to the glass element or damage caused normal use/wear and tear, or abuse. If you have issues please contact me.

Note: This lens product is NOT guaranteed to protect against all damages to your action/dashcam.   This product is designed to give additional protection to your action / dashcam from sand, dust, dirt, small debris.  Large road debris, gravel, rocks, or other extreme events will still likely damage the camera (and the lens protector itself).  There is no implied or guaranteed protection of any device outside of what is outlined here.  



Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 9 × .75 in
Lens Options

Lens Protector With Mineral Glass Lens, Lens Protector with Sapphire Crystal Lens, Lens Protector Without Glass Lens (BYOL)

Camera Model To Be Used On

K5 Front Camera (22mm), K5 Rear, K2, K3, C5 Cameras (25.5mm)

2 reviews for JK3D Motorsports INNOVV Camera Lens Protector V2

  1. Dave Sink

    Saved my K3 and K2 cameras I’ve had on multiple bikes from many rock hits! Well worth it!

  2. Michael Welborn (verified owner)

    Ordered these for my new camera on my 2009 goldwing. I had my name on the waitlist for the sapphire lens and was notified they were in in a couple of days which was great. This was on May 4th and I’m planing a trip to the blue ridge with my son on the 14th of May. I was shocked to see the delay on shipping, but I understand taking some time off, but figured I would have them for my Alaska trip in June, so i ordered them right away. I was super surprised to see that Joe within a minute or two he had received my order and then in another couple of minutes I received an email they were shipped and would arrive before I left for my trip. What fantastic customer service!!! They arrived to the post office on Monday May 9th. I wish the post office had such good service, they lost the package, put it in the wrong P.O. Box. It took a day but they found it and as of today May 11 they are on my bike and I’m ready to film my first trip. Install was easy and looks great. Big Thanks to JK2D Motorsports.

    • Joe Kelly

      Happy I could get them out before I left! My delay in shipping is because I am also in Alaska for a week or so 🙂 Beautiful state!! have fun on your trip!

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