Yamaha Tracer 900(GT) Center RAM AMPS Ball Mount Plate (updated)


A custom vibration isolating center RAM Ball mount plate for a Yamaha Tracer 900/GT (MY 2019-2020).
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Take steps to save the camera on your phone from damaging vibrations from your motorcycle! 
 Modern phones with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) cameras will eventually have the camera mechanism fail if subjected to high frequency/power vibrations that normally come through the handlebars.  Apple, Google, Samsung have all issued warnings about this.   Moving the phone to the Chassis/Tank mounts which are already vibration isolated will dramatically change the vibrations transmitted.

This plate mounts to the chassis on the top of the tank using the stock mounting points on the Tracer 900 and Tracer 900 GT (MY2018-20) and isolates the high frequency vibrations from the phone (resulting in lower frequency camera friendly bounces than sharp jolts) and looks nice as well.

The plate has 4 holes at the front for a RAM AMPS square ball mount.

The plate is printed in high strength and UV resistant Carbon Fiber Nylon (PA12), and has been tested over the last year in various conditions for thousands of miles.  (As of 10/2021 I’ve done 10,000mi with the prototype in snowy winter, and 115F summer in New Mexico and its fine!)

There are 2 mounting options for this:

  1. 2 Bolt option – no modification option – this is the main mounting plate attaching to the 2 exposed bolts at the front of the fuel tank on the bike.   The perks of this, is there is zero modification to the bike, but the downside is there is more bounce/ and movement from the whole setup.   3M VHB tape can help secure the front to the plastic tank collar to add more stability.
  2. 4 Bolt option w/ custom spacer – This is the recommended install.    This requires 2 5mm holes drilled into the plastic collar that goes around the cockpit/bars, and the placement of a small specially designed washer/spacer under that plastic fairing.   This install makes the plate incredibly rigid and stable while still isolating vibrations from the bike very well.

The kit includes provisions to mount both ways.

You can read about the design and testing of this product here : https://joekelly.co/diy/designing-a-custom-phone-mount-for-the-motorcycle/

Mounting Kit Includes: (RAM AMPS mount not included)

  • 1x JK3D Yamaha Tracer 900/GT Carbon Fiber Nylon mounting plate (with attached VHB Tape)
  • 1x JK3D Custom Tank Mounting Shim (With Moleskin wrap – for NVH mitigation – and VHB Tape applied)
  • 2x 25mmx5mm stainless steel bolts.
  • 2x 30mmx5mm stainless steel bolts.
  • 4x 5mm stainless steel washers

Required for install:

  • RAM AMPS 4 bolt Ball Mount (RAM PN: RAM-B-347U) with 4x 20mm+ screws/mounting hardware (or compatible aftermarket ball mount) –RAM Website Link
  • Alternative mount can be a RAM 2 Screw Diamond base mount, this is not as stable but can work with this hole pattern RAM-B-238U
  • 3mm Hex Wrench
  • Alcohol wipe/cleaning agent
  • (Optional) 2.5mm wide Zip Tie for securing wires

Click Here for Install Instructions and Use of this product


JK3D will warranty the Yamaha Tracer RAM AMPS Mount from breaking or failure for a period if 6 months from date of order.   To submit a warranty claim please email support@jk3d.us and include your order number, picture of the damage/issue, and description of the problem and JK3D will get you taken care of!  If you have any issues or challenges with this product please email me and we will find a solution!

Limitation of Liability Disclaimer :  JK3D.us is NOT responsible for any damage to mobile device, motorcycle, any personal or public property from the use or misuse of this product or any JK3D.us products.   These products are heavily tested (sometimes for years) before they come to market, and I stand behind them, but cannot provide warranty or guarantees for anything not explicitly sold from JK3D.us.


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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in


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