Yamaha Motorcycle Key Holder/Hider Box



Going on a motorcycle trip, and and need to keep a spare key accessible to get into the luggage or use the bike if you break or lose your primary key?    I came up with a discrete box that not only is an easy way to secure the key somewhere hidden on the bike if your choosing, but also keeps it discrete and protected so if you are in the middle of nowhere and break or lose a key, you are not in deep trouble.

What is it?

It is a small 2 piece box that you slide the Yamaha key into, Then slide the cover over, and secure the assembly with a small zip tie.   Then with Velcro or any other method you choose you attach it inside the body work, or other areas of the bike accessible without a key being needed to get access in the case you need a key.

On the Yamaha Tracer 900/GT I found multiple locations this could be hidden effectively.  The black case makes it hard to seen even if someone is looking for it.

Compatibility: This should work for most standard Yamaha motorcycle and powersports keys, and many others of similar size. 

What is included:

1x Key Hider box with Cover Printed in Black CF Nylon PA6 (Making it stable in most environments, since it is going to be hidden I am assuming ti may be placed in some higher temp locations)

1x Zip Tie

What is needed:

Velcro or your method of attaching somewhere on the bike.  Because everyone may have different ideas on where to hide it or attach it, I am leaving that up to you.   ( I considered a magnetic option but there are few areas on my bike compatible with magnets – if you have a need/desire for a magnetic one please email me at requests@jk3d.us and I will work with you on one. )

Install Tip:

Due to the nature of Nylon, be sure to sand the back of the box with 200 – 400 grit sand paper and then clean the surface with Isopropyl Alcohol before applying adhesive like Velcro on the back.   This will ensure a strong bond to the velcro or other material you are attaching.

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 1 × 2 × .5 in


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