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JK3D SafeStake V – Keep your hands and feet safe from the sharp edges from DAC V style tent stakes.    Use your boot, hand, or other tools to drive a tent stake in safely with this tool.

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Keep your hands and feet safe from the sharp edges from DAC V and “Y” style tent stakes.    Use your boot, hand, or other tools to drive a tent stake in safely.

This is a small, ultralight, and sturdy topper that you can use to drive stakes into stubborn ground safely.   Made to last a long time, build out of Carbon Fiber loaded Nylon, and with a stainless steel disc embedded inside.  The metal disk keeps even extreme use from causing the stake to damage the plastic.




SafeStake “V”: All sizes of the DAC V-Best tent stakes. SafeStakeV may fit other V style stakes as well but not guaranteed. ( You can purchase DAC V Stakes at TentLab, Amazon, and many other outdoors stores… they are <IMO> the best stakes on the market. )
SafeStake “Y”:  Fits common 3-pointed stakes from brands like Nemo, BA, and other aftermarket stakes.  If you use a caliper to measure one direction it should be less than 11mm to fit.

Material: Carbon Fiber Nylon + Stainless Steel

Weighs in at just over 3gm!   It has a 2mm hole for attaching to a lanyard (I personally keep one on my tent stake bag)

Items Included:

  • JK3D SafeStake (V or Y depending on your option) – In Carbon Fiber Nylon material with Stainless steel insert.


Product Testing
I’ve been designing and testing this product since 2018, I’ve tested early prototypes to failure and the current design has been used for 2 years and looks like new.


*Disclaimer / Warning– While I’ve tested this extensively for years, it is a device to help protect you from injury from forcing a stake in the ground.   While this device can help with protecting your gear and body from injury from driving a stake in the ground, it is not guaranteed.  Under certain extreme conditions (ex: slamming it with a rock or a hammer) you may damage the tool, or it may fail.  Do NOT use this tool if it has been damaged or cracked.


Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 9 × .5 in
Stake Type

DAC – V Stakes, Y Style Stakes


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