JK3D Moto Fork Adjustment Tool

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Adjust the Compression / Rebound / Preload on-the-go for your on-road/off-road/racing forks/cartridges.  This tool has many sizing options for most suspension out there, if yours doesn’t fit this list please email me and I will get one tweaked for your needs!

This is a lightweight  (8gm) tool and is printed in durable and temperature stable ABS-Like resin. This portable and compact tool is pocket ready part with a lanyard hole to keep track of it.  Perfect for making quick changes while out for a ride.

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This is a handy tool to let you adjust the Compression/Rebound/Preload on-the-go for your fork/cartridges for street, racing, adventure and off-road motorcycles. This tool is available in multiple fitments for various forks.  These cover the majority of on-road and off-road configurations for top-of-fork adjustments. 

Don’t forget the protective cap available for the 3 and 4mm hex versions!


This is a lightweight (~8gm) tool and is made in durable and temperature stable ABS-Like polymer. This portable and compact tool is a pocket ready part with a lanyard hole to keep track of it.  Perfect for making quick changes while out on a ride, and works very well with gloves on.   I have used this dozens of times to make tweaks on trips as road conditions changed or going from onroad to offroad.  I keep mine on a lanyard with my jacket and one with my key.

Fitment options available:

  • 14mm Preload Hex
    • 3mm valving Hex (Standard on many including Öhlins)
    • 4mm valving Hex
    • Flat Blade Valving (~ 1.5mm slot, up to 11mm diameter) (Stock on Yamaha FJ09, FZ1/09, MT09, Tracer 900/GT Forks)
  • 17mm Preload Hex
    • 3mm Valving Hex
    • 4mm Valving Hex
    • Flat Blade Valving (~ 1.5mm slot, up to 11mm diameter)
  • (Don’t see one listed that fits yours?? Email me @ and I’ll work with you to see if we can design one that works!)

How to find the right sizing for your bike/fork/cartridge setup? Click Here

Adjusting Preload:

This enables the adjustment of the preload easily on the road and reduces the risk of marring the anodization from the 14mm or 17mm hex.  The preload does take a firm/strong turn to change, but this tool can handle it.   Handy for minor changes on a trip.   The tool shape is specifically designed to give more leverage and work well with gloves on.

Adjusting Valving (Compression/Rebound):

The top side of the tool with the smaller hex or flat blade tool is for the valving adjusters that are generally on the inside of the preload hex on most fork cartridges.  You rotate the clicker to increase or decrease the valving setting.  Use a soft hand, forcing the change at the endstops can break the hex hub, please refer to the warranty below. 

This tool is incredibly handy if you are tweaking compression on the forks on a ride and allows for access in tight handlebar areas where wires/grips are in the way of long hex wrenches.     There is a + and – marked on the tool for those who forget which way increases/decreases the valving.


  • Specs:  ~52x30x16.5mm in size (17mm preload options are slightly bigger), and ~8gm in weight.  Printed in transparent ABS-Like polymer with a high durability.
  • Do not force the valving changes, use a soft hand when clicking through the adjustment, especially if you are going to the limits to start from 0.  Forcing the change may strip/break the valving adjustment tool off (but saving damage to your fork!).   I’ve done some stress testing and it does take a bit of work to do that, but this resin can be brittle and shatter if enough abuse or trying to force against the end stops of the valving change range  Breaking the valving adjustment side is NOT covered by warranty, but I will replace any broken one for 50% off refer to the warranty info below. 
  • Preload settings may take some strength to do, this isn’t meant to be used to make big sweeping preload changes as that would be exhausting.   The tool can handle that though if needed.
  • This ABS-Like polymer is high temp (can handle temps above 75C), and very stable and durable, If left in strong sunlight and heat for extended periods (weeks), the plastic may become more yellow.


I’ve tested these extensively, on multiple muti-thousand mile trips on and off-road and have yet to break one when a cap is installed.

JK3D will warranty this product for a period of 12 months after purchase.  If this product fails for any reason other than clear abuse (damage that would not be related to the expected use of the product) please contact for a replacement.  You will need to include photo of the product failure, order number, and description of what occurred.   I want every product I ship to work as expected and meet your demands, if you have any issues please email me and I will work directly with you.  The valving adjustment is a part that is expected to break in many cases before over adjusting the valving on your folk will damage the fork.  If this is the case contact with a photo of the failure and I will send you a code for a 50% off discount on a replacement.

To Avoid accidental damage when storing the fork tool be sure to pick up one of the protective caps available here:


Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in

14mm Preload/3mm Valving, 14mm Preload/4mm Valving, 14mm Preload/Flat Blade Valving, 17mm Preload/3mm Valving, 17mm Preload/4mm Valving, 17mm Preload/Flat Blade Valving


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